Monday, September 6, 2010

what is it?

working, developing ideas on senior projects
create general direction of work
how to move forward with plastic bags
pushing boundaries of abstraction
what we eat, wear, look at
disposable vs precious
studio time;
setting up, 
paintings begin, jewelry comes after
1st pieces of jewelry will be influenced directly by color and shape
amateur techniques will hopefully benefit?
pushing pushing pushing
really wanting to make, 
hotglue necklace (pearl necklace inspired)
really want to use, 
plastic bags, acrylic, resin, tin foil, 
dickblick vs dollarstore
Always thinking alternative materials for an alternative look
scientific research;
1) Lauren Vanessa Tickle
-great last name
working with money as form of jewelry material 
Her body of work, Value Exploration dealing with how much a piece of jewelry is worth depending on how much "money" she actually used
Tickle is stripping the dollar of it iconic value
she is questioning:
-what determines the wealth of a life?
-why do we want to broadcast our worth?
the piece below is called $14.50 

inspiring me to take the ordinary and turn it into something precious

2)Tania Clarke Hall
1st inspiration photo came from her piece Freeform squares which i thought would look beautiful with plastic stretched between the wires so that the light would alter the shapes casted on the body
she works as a professional jewelry artist
simplistic design 
yet very experimental and unexpected